Manage and Remediate Network Threats

for clients as a managed service provider.

In 2019, your clients expect network security beyond the firewall!

With speedy implementation and out-of-the-box integration with ConnectWise Manage, Perch is a perfect addition to your offering to defend client networks and grow your business. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) works to identify threats on client networks (and yours, too); and escalates them to you with our recommendations on how to remediate them.

Security Wall
Single pane of glass
Single pane-of-glass view

Built from the ground up with multi-tenancy, Perch makes managing all of your customers a breeze. And it’s transparent – you can see everything that we see, all the way to the detailed Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) and our analysis.

All your threat tools in a sleek package

Perch includes everything you need for comprehensive threat detection and analysis: intrusion detection (IDS), (TIP), log storage with configurable retention (SIEM), and managed Security Operations Center (SOC).

Security Operations Center included

Our team of threat analysts does all the tedium for you, while you collect all the accolades from your clients. If you prefer to analyze threat indicators yourself, just click Perchybana and dive in. Optional service level agreements guarantee fast analysis turnaround.

Super-fast implementation

Perch sensors can be set up over a coffee break. You can install them yourself with setup instructions at – and our Customer Success team is standing by to walk you through the process if you have any questions or difficulties.

Keep your stack

No need to change your current setup. We integrate directly with your existing security stack, so you can save your Excedrin for another day.

See how using Perch to manage client network threat detection feels.

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