Your threat intel wants to speak with you

Perch lets you connect to threat intelligence, automate it, and detect threats lurking on your network. And you barely have to lift a finger.

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For Growing Business
Full-featured, starting at $5k
  • Automate your threat intel and de-clutter your inbox
  • Neither analyst hours nor SIEM required
  • Create a threat intel program in under 15 minutes
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Enterprise-size needs?
  • Add valuable packet payload data to your SIEM
  • View indicator detail & optionally triage your alerts
  • Engage our SOC, boost response with an SLA
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See threat activity on your network and among your peers

Perch connects you with threat intelligence sharing communities and sources, and automates intel consumption. Identify potential threat activity on your network, and view everything through a user-freindly online interface.

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Boost defense, not headcount

No need to increase analyst hours or staff. The Perch Security Operations Center investigates any alerts on your network, escalates real incidents to your attention, and helps you eliminate the threat. Customize what and how we escalate to fit your needs.

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Detect what’s eluded your defenses

Firewalls are a perimeter defense to protect your network; Perch detects what’s already gotten through. During your lunch break, you can start detecting threats on your network.

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How Perch Stacks Up

$5,000 /yr
$515,000 /yr*
  • ISAC/ISAO Membership$5,000
  • TIP$60,000
  • SIEM$150,000
  • SIEM Engineer$150,000
  • CTI Analyst$150,000

* costs based on industry averages

Perch fits our needs. They can consume all of the intel channels we need, particularly from our ISAC. They can detect threats at the network layer and have visibility into things we just can’t see on the SIEM.

Greg Jones

The difference was immediate. Our old manual process generated a lot of noise. When Perch generates an alert, we know it’s actionable.

John Nelson

Having the threat intelligence from NH-ISAC alongside Perch to detect and respond to those threats helps us gain a far stronger cybersecurity posture than anything we could do on our own.

Lisa Steinbrueck

One of the biggest wins we get from Perch is not only the abilityto detect those [network] threats, but also having help from Perch’s security analysts to tell us what threats are real and which ones are false positives.

Michael Cole