How can I help?

“How can I help?” – seems like a simple question to ask. It wasn’t until I started watching a new medical drama last fall that I started asking this question myself. In the show, the premise of the question is supposed to invoke optimism and hope in a profession that is otherwise known for the bureaucratic red tape of the healthcare system. Fortunately, in my line of work it is not as regulated as this (even though it could be – let’s save that for another blog), but in asking this question of my colleagues, partners, and clients it has provided me a wealth of opportunity that I would otherwise not have experienced.

I’ve asked this question to colleagues and in turn have been placed on projects where I’ve had the pleasure of meeting new people and expanding my skillset. I’ve asked this question to partners to find out that the pain point wasn’t about price or lack of functionality, but rather their customers not understanding how to incorporate new technology. I’ve also asked this of clients to uncover their uncertainty of presenting a solution internally to leadership.

I ask not out of optimism or hope like the medical drama I watch, but from curiosity and empathy. What can I do to impact a given situation by asking a simple question? So, whether you’re a colleague looking for advice or just a conversation over coffee, a partner looking to create a new revenue stream or operationalize your business, or a client looking for someone to listen to them – I leave you with this…How can I help?

Mike Golz

Mike Golz
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