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Whether you’re an msp, a sharing community, reseller, or an integration partner, perch has a solution for you


Add cybersecurity to your suite of services and protect your clients with threat intelligence, integrating with the tools of your choice. Perch provides 24/7 threat monitoring and Tier-1 Security Operations Center support without replacing any of your current tools.

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Perch is built for integration. In addition to our sharing partners, we fully integrate with your favorite intel feeds. We make integration easy. Check out our app API to see how you can integrate with Perch.

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With broad appeal for clients searching for threat monitoring with low investment and rapid implementation, Perch can be added into your product offering and sold through your channels with no additional build. This puts you in charge.

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Sharing Communities

We partner with sharing communities to deliver your industry-specific intel directly to your member base in a consumable form. With Perch's automation behind the scenes, members share sightings back to your community without any additional work. When more members share sightings, your entire membership benefits from greater situational awareness. Perch does the legwork so you don’t have to. This allows members to focus on business critical functions, all while being protected.

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