Sharing Intel

on November 27, 2018

Share intel back to your community through a clean user interface. Perch CISO Wes Spencer shows you how.

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Adding Threat Communities

on September 12, 2018

Perch Security connects you to all your threat intel sources (so you can actually use them). CISO Wes Spencer shows you how, with his typical panache.

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Communities Tab: Evaluating Your Threat Intel Sources

on September 4, 2018

See all your threat intelligence sources, compare performance, and predict trends on Perch's Communities tab. Perch Security CISO Wes Spencer deftly demonstrates in this short video.

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Perch Security Dashboard Overview

on August 7, 2018

We all need a snapshot of what's happening before we delve in. Perch Security CISO Wes Spencer shows off Perch's Dashboard, which gives users exactly that.

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