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May 18, 2018
New - Login and Signup flows have received a facelift and refactoring, to go along with OUR NEW PUBLIC WEBSITE!
New - The punch++ community configuration has been given an additional + and is working once more
New - Pagination and search added to login history views, because some people log in a lot
New - Alert indicator detail and Perchybana buttons now open in new tabs, instead of the current tab. Now feel like a real security pro by having 50 tabs open at once!
New - New alerts list is in beta - we’re trialling it internally with our own SOC team to make sure it has all the bells and whistles that our power users will need to triage their own alerts!
New - Cortex integration is in beta - the moving parts are mostly in place and we’re working out the details about how to handle user configurable settings and API keys. We’re very excited about the potential between a Perch/Cortex integration and have all kinds of cool ideas how to work it into the Perch app, stay tuned!
New - Community sightings public API is in beta - currently testing with some select internal customers!
New - User submission of raw sensor rules is in early functional stages - we’ve have the functional parts in place, but there’s some wrinkles we need to iron out first before we release to the general public.
BUG FIX - The group invite process has had a couple minor bugs fixed that was preventing some user’s from using their invite codes.
BUG FIX - Invites to existing teams no longer prompt the new user to set up a sensor before using Perch.
BUG FIX - Existing Perch users that are already logged into Perch can now use the group invite link from the email
BUG FIX - Community suppression view all page rows per page now actually changes the number of rows shown per page.
BUG FIX - Group invite modal now clears invite email addresses between openings
BUG FIX - The cancel button on the MFA entry page during login works once more
BUG FIX - Community file lists now correctly update when switching between communities
BUG FIX - Copy to clipboard buttons should no longer force the page to scroll to the top
BUG FIX - Login (and other pages) should no longer do the shimmy dance with scrollbars on Windows Chrome
BUG FIX - Users on slow connections with access to multiple groups should no longer see weirdness when rapidly switching between groups.
BUG FIX - Not officially supported, but we fixed an IE11 white screen error for the dashboard. If you’re using old versions of IE, upgrade!!! Old browsers aren’t secure, don’t use them; we’re security professionals, this is low hanging fruit!