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Unburden your team – Perch weeds out false positives

The Perch Security Operations Center (SOC) investigates all alerts generated by your network traffic and escalates only real incidents. An optional Service Level Agreement ensures guaranteed response times for stringent requirements. Customize your communication preferences - phone, email or Slack®.

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Triage your own alerts

Perchybana makes it easy to view indicator detail, investigate alerts, hunt threats and triage alerts in-house.

Or leave it to our SOC

Let the Perch SOC triage your alerts for you. We notify you when we identify malicious activity; and you can track SOC progress through the Community Defense App.

API Extensibility

Integrate with other applications to use Perch in your playbook automation.

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Get early warning on trending threats

Perch lets you view and interact with intel from all sources with ease through the Community Defense App. Perch automatically shares intel back to your sharing community, creating the power and visibility of a flock.

Community Defense App
Evaluate intel sources

Perch’s Community tab lets you track the fidelity of each of your threat intelligence sources. Use it as a budgeting tool to hone your intel investment.