The New Era of Service

Adapting to new work environments is never easy, especially to one that’s always in flux: Technology. As a newbie to the biz, one of the first things I learned to appreciate was how focused the market was on succeeding. Not only in terms of financials but recognizing that the victory of any SaaS stems from one quintessential metric – the success story of their clients.

What Makes Customer Success Special?

The Customer Success Department (CS) of any company is a relatively new creation and has quickly proven to be essential for start-ups. If end-users only see ROI and feel they aren’t supported, why would they stay? The answer is: by the time you’ve thought of this, they are gone; with or without warning. Facts are facts. The current year 2018 (err 19) is light years past the glory days when big business smoked stogies and chugged bourbon mid-day barking demands and convincing clients they ‘needed’ them based solely on their brassy conviction. We talk. We post. We share information in real-time. Everything is public and it’s far past time customers are given the respect their hard-earned money deserves. It’s time to say “Goodbye” to the Salesman and say “Yassss” to the #SuccessMan.

As a SaaS we recognized early on that the sustainability of our company derived from our client’s satisfaction. In the realm of cybersecurity there are no Amazon Reviews, but our segment is so tight and niche that there isn’t a need. Sentiments travel faster than I’m frantically typing this blog minutes before it’s being posted. Literally Friday afternoon – going live at five (Don’t mind tha typos’).

The Who’s Who of Customer Success

Gary Dobkin, Director of Operations at Perch Security, not only recognized the importance of client satisfaction, he sought out the best route to attain it. Being the self-aware savant that he is, Mr. Dobkin knew he needed the big guns. Enter Onboarding and Provisioning directly under the care of CS, a unique twist that he guarantees to be the ride of a life time.

Once a prospective client passes through the Heavenly Gates into Flock life, the Perch Security team works tirelessly to make sure any question, comment, concern, or squawk does not go unaddressed. Placing our clients at the forefront of our business has proven itself to be one of our many unique characteristics, as is our Marketing and secret obsession with the 8th Wonder of the World – Skyline Chili. Open communication and customized care regiments fuel the CS Department (as does sugar free Red Bull, Kombucha, and pork rinds).

What does all of this even mean?

The moral of this rant is not to boast. It’s not to prove I can form complete sentences, fragments, or make you laugh. It’s merely to convey the passion I have witnessed and have organically become one with. Perch Security provides so much more than a secure network. Our clients (comrades) can trust in the support of our army made of real-life angry birds. Everyone that works here makes up our CS Department and we all want the best for you, your coworkers, your employees, and most importantly YOUR end user – your clients.

It’s time to say “Goodbye” to crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. Facebook, British Airways, and LinkedIn didn’t expect a breach, but it happens. We are committed to your security and want to take the burden of a breach off your shoulders. Perch Security is bright eyed, and bushy tailed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so you don’t have to be. Your peace of mind is what we give a FLOCK about.

Aaron Survilla

Aaron Survilla