Spreading the flock culture

Cybersecurity is a quickly evolving industry and is expected to grow to USD 300 billion by 2024. With such a rapidly progressing industry you find new players emerging; one of which is Perch – Perch Security (read with James Bond voice). Although the company is new to the industry, our star-studded lineup is far from it. We have our CEO alone who has a background in founding cybersecurity companies, creating regulations and compliance (including STIX), among many other contributions to the world of cybersecurity.

So, who is Perch?

Perch is your witty, cunning, and innovative cybersecurity company. We offer many things among a SOC, log aggregation, IDS, and more. Perch is versatile and has the capability to serve multiple markets, including the MSP, Enterprise, and SMB.

At Perch we believe in being personable and speaking to you like a human (that’s right, a human). We also don’t believe in using buzzwords and fancy jargon, especially in an industry where terms are not yet well defined and can be convoluted. Therefore, we built a brand and product that is not only comprehensible, but also relatable.

Our staff is held to the same standard – if not higher. When you need customer service, we have an entire team dedicated to the success of your business. Our flock culture doesn’t just spread externally. Each flocker is full of Perchified goodness. Employees of Perch are expected to go beyond the norm and think outside of the box. By adopting this mindset, we are able to push the product further.

The core of Perch

Being relatable and personable are our top priorities. However, our main focus is customer care – not before the sale, no. AFTER the sale. We believe that happy customers drive a business forward. Without customers you have nothing. (Aka a good product doesn’t mean anything without a customer.) We have an entire team dedicated to customers, called our Customer Success team. Our Customer Success team is set up for – you guessed it – your success.

Not only are we built to help you succeed, we take your feedback and turn it into features. We make it our priority to always engage with our customers. We have many different ways to do this, whether it be through communicating with an employee, our monthly user meeting, on a call with a prospect – you name it.

Until next time

Whether you are a part of the flock or stumbled upon this blog via one of our clever Tweets, we hope you find Perch to be a helpful resource or even just a fun group (we prefer both). Stay up-to-date with the latest in cybersecurity via our blog. Follow the flock on social (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook). Or reach out to us anyway you like (Slack, email, or phone).

Aylin Ildir

Aylin Ildir
Pronounced Island -D