Release Notes for October 19, 2018

  • Dashboard: List all the SLAs available to an organization
  • Indicators: STIX2 models for Django and PostgreSQL
  • Perchybana: Query dns/flow indices with company ID in name
  • Sensor: Put sensor files behind a Perch subdomain
  • Settings: Create a new organization for MSSP users
  • Settings: List all the MSSPs an organization is managed by
  • Communities: Fix issue with community feeds
  • Docker: Fix issues with
  • Email: Serialize request as JSON
  • Email: Use string format vs SMTP format
  • Perchybana: Fix QA perchybana
  • Sensor: Change permission to TeamMembers
  • Sensor files are behind a Perch subdomain
  • Some ES dns/flow indices now have Company ID in the name
  • MSSPs can create and link new organizations from settings
  • Life support for ElasticSearch through assumed AWS turbulence