Release Notes for June 29, 2018

  • Add firewall support to the new Alerts Beta page
  • Improve the user experience around group and community-level suppression
  • Add single and multi-organization support for MSSP users in the new Alerts Detail page
  • Add a “related alerts” section to the Alert Detail page for quickly viewing other alerts created by a specific indicator
  • Fix an issue causing incorrect alert counts on the Indicator Detail page
  • Fix some issues that occurred during the registration process
  • Fix some Perchybana queries that respond slowly or with an error
  • Fix an issue where some alerts would not remove themselves from the Alert List page after suppression
  • Fix some sensors that would report invalid timestamps on some network traffic
We are still actively enhancing the new Alerts Beta and Alert Detail pages. If you have suggestions or questions, please reach out to the team in SquawkBox.