Release Notes For December 29, 2017

User-created indicator summary emails - you put a lot of work into getting your intel into Perch and we want you to see it getting used! These emails, sent once a week, show any activity that your intel has had.
We’ve released our first open-source code: a command-line interface tool that allows you to bulk-upload indicators from a CSV file. Now you can create intel from home, just like the pros. View it here
File observables should show all hashes instead of just the MD5 hash
Indicator detail ‘details’ should load more quickly
New comments no longer always show the ‘There was an error posting your comment’ notification
  • Comments were posted, but the client was encountering an error merging the new comment into the list for display. No comments were lost.
Minor fixes and tweaks to the public API
Coming soon: improvements to account security
  • Change password and two-factor authentication moving to a dedicated page for easier access
  • Require current password when making any account security changes
  • Support for app-based (e.g. Authy, Google Authenticator) two-factor authentication
  • Increased complexity requirements for new passwords, in addition to our current requirements, passwords will be checked against common password lists, sequences of sequential or repeated characters, and common words.