Communities Tab: Evaluating Your Threat Intel Sources

See all your threat intelligence sources, compare performance, and predict trends on Perch's Communities tab. Perch Security CISO Wes Spencer deftly demonstrates in this short video.

Wes Spencer

Wes Spencer
Avian Security Officer

Wes Spencer is a hands-on cybersecurity executive with a wealth of experience in the financial services industry and as a professor of information security. Wes built out one of the first threat intelligence platforms for a community bank. Wes is passionate about information security and has a knack for clearly articulating cybersecurity to all levels of the organization. While at FNB, Wes served as the chairman for the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center's (FS-ISAC) Community Institution Council, providing leadership to over 4,000 member financial institutions. Wes was also selected as a charter member of American Banker's Digital Leadership Council and is a frequently requested speaker at conferences throughout the country.