Still working from home? Enable Cisco Meraki and Umbrella integrations while those Bagel Bites cool off

It’s official – we’ve added Cisco Meraki and Cisco Umbrella to the growing family of Perch-Cisco integrations, joining Cisco AMP for Endpoints and Duo, as well as Cisco Talos. What does that mean to you? Now you can gather your Meraki and Umbrella daterz together into one place and view it right alongside your network data and other logs, while Perch’s 24/7, Cisco certified SOC monitors it for any sign of cyber threat activity.

As always, Perch users don’t get charged extra for integrating. If you have a Perch account, you can set it up right now, and see results in the next few minutes.

Connect Meraki
Connect Umbrella

Our CISO Wes Spencer paints the picture and shares some in-app action:

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