Full-Stack Javascript Developer


At Perch we use modern Javascript throughout our stack in everything from single page apps, to microservices. In this role, you’ll have the opportunity to help us build scalable apps and services with industry-leading tools and frameworks. If you love exploring new technologies, building things in a fast-paced agile environment, and “javascript fatigue” doesn’t phase you, this might be a perfect fit for you.

A day in the life

  • Work with a team of developers, designers, and stakeholders to plan, build, and deliver updates to our core products and services every sprint
  • Write, test, and ship code for multiple production React apps that consume GraphQL and REST APIs
  • Write, test, and ship code for multiple Node.js services that consume and produce GraphQL and REST APIs
  • Collaborate on code via Pull Requests in GitHub and track progress with GitHub issues
  • Create, maintain, and monitor backend services deployed with AWS for things like email processing, data visualization, and data transformation ( at a pretty large scale )
  • Work quickly and independently to make intuitive product decisions when necessary

A perfect match

  • You have extensive experience with modern Javascript ( ES6+ )
  • You like collaborating with others and sharing ideas across teams
  • You are familiar with GraphQL, REST, or similar protocols
  • You have experience with a modern Javascript framework ( React, Angular, Ember, etc )
  • You have used, or felt used by a build tool ( Webpack, Parcel, Browserify, etc )
  • You read Hacker News or casually scroll through the JS Twitter Fight of the Week with popcorn in hand

Above and beyond

  • Testing Javascript ( Jest, Cypress, etc )
  • Database use and management ( PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Neo4j, etc )
  • Amazon Web Services ( RDS, EC2, S3, Beanstalk, and seemingly a million others )
  • CI/CD ( Docker, Jenkins, GitHub, or similar )
  • Experience with a language other than Javascript, such as Python
  • Networking / Unix ( You know how to SSH into something and feel dirty when you do )
  • Cybersecurity interest or background