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Tackling Expensive and Complicated Information Security

on January 11, 2017

Information Security: It doesn’t have to be so expensive (or complicated!) The Bad News For Small/Medium Businesses (SMBs), you can’t approach information security the same way your bigger brothers do. Face it, Capital One has a much larger information security (infosec) budget than the Downtown Credit Union in Powhatan, VA. Small companies don’t have the same staffing models, technology expertise or highly specialized analysts that focus solely on protecting data. Sure, there are free and open source tools, for example, but they still require expertise and time to get them up and running, not to mentioned tuned, maintained, updated, etc!

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January 1, 0001

How to create a release note Release Note Naming Convention First you need to create a new file with a the date for your release note in Year-Month-Day format and a .md file extension: this will be the single release notes url. For example if you make a new release note with the following name: the direct link to the release note you could share would be: http://perchsecurity.

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