Medical devices: Exploit waiting to happen?

on May 10, 2019

Vulnerability disclosures, patches, threats and new attack vectors; healthcare organizations have an ever-growing responsibility to ensure patient safety, information protection and 24x7 uptime responsibilities for critical systems. Couple that with regulatory compliance requirements, hundreds (if not thousands) of medical device manufacturers and a talent shortage in the information security industry and you have what can appear to be an insurmountable charge to ensure the organization has a comprehensive security program.

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How can I help?

on March 5, 2019

“How can I help?” – seems like a simple question to ask. It wasn’t until I started watching a new medical drama last fall that I started asking this question myself. In the show, the premise of the question is supposed to invoke optimism and hope in a profession that is otherwise known for the bureaucratic red tape of the healthcare system. Fortunately, in my line of work it is not as regulated as this (even though it could be – let’s save that for another blog), but in asking this question of my colleagues, partners, and clients it has provided me a wealth of opportunity that I would otherwise not have experienced.

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Spreading the flock culture

on February 19, 2019

Cybersecurity is a quickly evolving industry and is expected to grow to USD 300 billion by 2024. With such a rapidly progressing industry you find new players emerging; one of which is Perch – Perch Security (read with James Bond voice). Although the company is new to the industry, our star-studded lineup is far from it. We have our CEO alone who has a background in founding cybersecurity companies, creating regulations and compliance (including STIX), among many other contributions to the world of cybersecurity.

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The Lesson of the Limping Lady

on January 31, 2019

What does any sane individual do when they find themselves on the losing side of a war? Look at any history book and the answer is quite evident: fight dirty. Cheap tricks, a punch 👊 below the belt – whatever it takes to claw back some advantage. And why shouldn’t a defender left with few options decide to fight nasty? Indeed, the entire world of spycraft and sabotage was born through such events.

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Is Cybersecurity the Death of Digital Marketing?

on January 8, 2019

Marketing has evolved tremendously since my days in college as an eager student. I listened intently as my professor explained things like the 4 P’s of marketing and mutually beneficial relationships, paired with acronyms like, WIFM and MRR. While these were relevant at the time, and still are in many aspects, things have changed… to say the least. Facebook is the new Yellow Pages, and SEO is the new TV commercial.

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Getting the Most Value from Threat Intelligence

on January 2, 2019

In a previous post, we described threat intelligence as “organized and analyzed information about potential threats to your organization.” It is easy to say having that information is important, but the value of threat intelligence is not decided when it is created. The value is determined when threat intelligence is put into action. To illustrate this point, let’s look at an app called Zillow. Zillow provides users with real estate data about homes they want to buy, sell, or rent.

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Indicators of Compromise: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Threat Intelligence

on December 18, 2018

We’re having a lot of great conversations around threat intelligence lately, so we’ve decided to address threat intelligence as part of a series with this post being part one. What is threat intelligence? Threat intelligence is defined as organized and analyzed information about potential threats to your organization.  Threat Threat intelligence is best when qualified and shared. The best security value comes from sharing information regarding the sighting of IOCs.

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Installing a Small Perch Sensor for the SMB, Seamlessly

on December 4, 2018

Are you worried about those pesky hackers getting into your network and owning your devices? Have you ever wanted enterprise-grade detection capabilities on your small residential or commercial network? Do you search the internet regularly looking for the latest TTPs the bad guys are using (like the ones outlined in our weekly threat reports) and wish you could use that info to hunt for threats in your network? The good news is, you can!

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Preventing Burnout

on November 20, 2018

In software especially, we lose more talented, hard-working folks to burnout than almost anything else. People who love their job and feel rewarded for doing it almost always stay. However, the tech industry is fast-paced, labor intensive, and the projects are seemingly endless. The question remains, how can we stop treading proverbial water and get a healthy, positive outlook on our work life? Make a list If you do more things than you can count in a day and struggle to remember any of it, you need a list.

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Thinking in Webhooks

on November 13, 2018

Webhooks have come a long way from a concept first discussed back in 2007, to a commonly used pattern that helps power the apps and services you use daily. We have recently rolled out webhooks for Perch Security, so it seemed fitting to explain what webhooks are, the benefits of using them, and how you can start using webhooks in Perch today. What are webhooks? A webhook is a HTTP POST request that is sent to a user configured URL in response to some sort of event that has occurred.

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