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Before We Hatched

With a background in critical information technology and a disdain for manual processes, Aharon Chernin saw an opportunity for information security to evolve into automation. In 2008, he promoted the idea of industry standards, unifying sectors and industry leadership behind the adoption of STIX and TAXII.

Perch was created to help companies of any size to automate and share cyber threat intelligence. Perch does not sell proprietary threat intel; instead, we connect our users to any and all threat intel sources. This approach allows users to automate participation with their community and encourages a healthy open-market competition between sharing communities and vendors.


Founded in late 2016 in Tampa, Florida, Perch’s unique Community Defense Platform was offered to users in early 2017. A growing number of very happy customers, and funding from ConnectWise, Fishtech Group and MJD Group continues to fuel Perch's expansion.

In January of 2019, Perch added endpoint data and logs to the solution, making Perch a complete threat detection and response solution.

Customers Love Perch

Flock Culture

Perch is centered around a customer success model. Our entire team is enthusiastic about superior service, and building products and features our customers need most. Our CEO hosts open monthly webinars where users hear about what we’re working on, and are invited to share what they love/hate, and features they would like to see. We want a seamless, enjoyable experience for all of our customers – from implementation and setup to daily interactions.